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Andy Ryder

Beat Erb

Andy Ryder and Beat Erb are currently putting the finishing touches to this refreshingly new book of sales skills and techniques that work in the real world. Following a reunion in 2019 the ‘two sellers’ who had worked together on a number of IBM sales initiatives over the years, got together to share their ideas. This culminated in combining Andy’s Formula Win concepts with Beat’s Worldwide sales management experience to create Formula Win Selling which is a series of books, videos, on and off-line training experiences. with the support of BJ Fogg’s ‘Tiny Habits’, FWIN focuses on ‘putting your learning into practice, thereby following in the footsteps of so many successful sales professionals who are now using FWIN methodology in their day-to-day working lives. Whether you are new to sales or you have many years of experience FWIN will get you across the Finish Line in first position – ‘ladies and gentlemen start your engines!’